Extreme Tooth Sensitivity

What are the Signs of Tooth Erosion in Adults: Advice from the Expert Dentist in Simi Valley

by Herschel Berger March 14, 2022

Dental hygiene is an extremely important part of your overall health that is too often overlooked and underrated by many Americans. Approximately 1 in 4 adults within the United States …

Fractured Tooth

Is it Safe to Undergo an Enameloplasty Procedure?

by Herschel Berger February 25, 2022

Enameloplasty, also known as dental recontouring, is a cosmetic dentistry practice in which a part of the tooth is removed to rearrange the form, size, length, or surface. The procedure …

Damaged Tooth

How to Effectively Deal with Orodental Trauma: Advice from an Experienced Dentist in Simi Valley

by Herschel Berger February 8, 2022

Damage to the teeth, mouth, or the oral cavity causes orodental trauma. Approximately 20% of people have had dental trauma at some time in their life. Oral problems such as …

Loose Teeth

Guard Against these Dental Emergencies

by Herschel Berger January 22, 2022

Many people have never dealt with a dental emergency before and may not even know what constitutes an emergency. If you are having a dental problem on the weekend or …

Dental Anxiety

Visit an Approved Dentist in Simi Valley to Deal with Your Dental Anxiety

by Herschel Berger January 5, 2022

Any mention of the word “dentist,” and you’ll find most people cringe at the thought of it. No one takes a particular liking to having their mouth wide open while …