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Common Challenges Associated with Dental Composite Fillings

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Tooth trouble is common for the majority of Americans. Improper dental care, sugar-laden foods, bad dental hygiene, and genetics can cause excessive tooth decay. One of the most widespread solutions for tooth decay and cavities includes tooth fillings. Fillings are placed into a tooth after the affected area has been removed. They are then sealed to prevent further decay, but not every type of filling is created equal.

Composite fillings are some of the most common types of fillings, but they are not without their challenges. Some of these challenges can be rather serious, so be sure to do your research on your dentist and speak to them extensively before you make the choice to utilize composite fillings.

The Biggest Problems with Composite Fillings

Not every patient’s experience with composite fillings is the same. However, some problems stand out more than others with this particular kind of filling. Here are a few of the largest and most prevalent problems with composite fillings as cited by professionals in the dental industry:

  • Recurring Cavities: Fillings are a great method for resolving cavities, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come back, as 87% of individuals will experience additional cavities after they have received composite fillings.
  • Restoration Fracture: Additional fractures of composite fillings are common, especially when they have been put in back teeth. Your back teeth generate immense pressure for chewing and tearing, which can be detrimental to the well-being of composite fillings.
  • Post-Operative Sensitivity: After you get a filling, you expect your teeth to be sensitive for a while. However, studies show those who get composite fillings have more severe sensitivity for a longer period than those with other types of fillings.

Polymerization Shrinkage Problems with Composite Fillings

An inherent problem with composite fillings is the phenomenon of polymerization shrinkage, which can lead to larger problems. Improper polymerization has been proven to lead to increased sensitivity, adverse pulp reactions, and retention reduction.

Although these issues occur in nearly 73% of all composite fillings, there are steps dental professionals can take to reduce this likelihood. Prevention of polymerization shrinkage consists of:

  • small incremental placement of composite fillings into cavities
  • better curing light radiance control
  • resin liner application

Patients Who Are More Likely To Experience Composite Filling Problems

Some dental patients do well with composite fillings, while others just seem to have a plethora of issues. The following factors can affect how likely a patient is to have problems with their composite filling(s):

  • Patient’s Mouth: The shape and size of a patient’s mouth can change the direction and force of their bite, which can impact the longevity of a composite filling.
  • Larger Filling Requirements: When larger fillings are needed, they are more prone to having issues arise.
  • Composite Fillings Close to the Nerve: The location of a cavity that needs a composite filling can make this process difficult and painful.
  • Fillings in the Back Teeth: More pressure is placed on your back teeth daily, so problems with composite fillings in this area could occur.

It is important to note not every patient requires composite fillings.

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The key to avoiding fillings altogether is to limit the consumption of foods that can cause tooth decay and maintain proper dental hygiene. When caught Doctor Checking Dental Issue early, most cavities are small enough they can be treated quickly and easily.

Yet, composite fillings are an affordable way to get your tooth filled. At Dental Group of Simi Valley, we understand budget constraints for dental care. So, we do everything we can to make your experience a pleasant one. With proper preparation, we can make getting a filling a walk in the park.

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