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Common Myths and Facts Related with the Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry can be one of the best things you do to improve your smile. From veneers to crowns to professional whitening, these procedures will help you get the great smile that you have always wanted.

The problem is there are a lot of myths that come with cosmetic dentistry and how it all works. These myths can keep people from getting procedures that could help them gain their confidence again. Below are some of the common myths that are out there about cosmetic dentistry and the real truth about them.

Myth: It involves Major Procedures

Many worry that cosmetic dentistry will involve a lot of procedures that will keep them out of work for weeks. This is simply not true. The fact is most of the cosmetic procedures that you will have done can be completed in just one visit and only take a few minutes to an hour. Options like veneers, bonding, Invisalign, and even teeth whitening can be done within half an hour or so, and the patient can get back to their daily life right after.

Myth: It is Painful

Cosmetic dentistry will not be painful to complete. It is possible that this kind of dentistry will be uncomfortable for some, but the fact is there have been a lot of technological advances that allow these procedures to be pain-free. If you are worried about how the procedure will feel, please discuss it with your dentist to alleviate your fears. They can let you know how the procedure will work and whether pain is common with it at all.

Myth: It Will Not Help with Overall Dental Health

The truth of the matter is that cosmetic dentistry can be really good for your dental health. Bacteria will often get into the gaps between your teeth, causing tooth decay and loss. If you realign your teeth to close those gaps, there are fewer areas for the bacteria to get into and grow. When you straighten out the teeth, this will help your overall oral health as well.

Even teeth whitening can help. If you have really white teeth, you may be more inclined to keep your teeth clean in the future and make sure they stay in good health. If you get veneers, you need to spend extra time taking care of them, avoiding drinks and foods that may stain them and brushing them two times a day. So, while it may not seem like it, having cosmetic dental work done can actually turn into one of the best things for your teeth.

Myth: The Procedures are Expensive

Getting cosmetic dentistry done will not bankrupt you. It is even possible that some of the procedures will be covered by your insurance. You should check into this before jumping into getting any cosmetic dentistry done on your teeth, but it is possible that you can walk away with a new smile without having to pay much.

Even if your insurance will not cover all of the work and you need it done right away, you can talk to the office staff at your cosmetic dentist. They often will work with patients to come up with a good payment plan that fits your budget. This can help you get the work done that you need.

Myth: The Work Will Not Last

Many worry that they will spend the time and Cosmetic Dentistry money making their smile look better but it will not last. In truth, while nothing is permanent in dentistry, most of the procedures will last a long time. For example, a crown can last up to 15 years, and a veneer can last up to 20 years if you take care of them. If you have your teeth professionally whitened, you can make the procedure last at least three years, though if you take really good care of them, you can get the results to last for up to ten years.

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