Cosmetic Dentistry

Different from the typical procedures, cosmetic dentistry requires an even more skilled hand and deep understanding of dental anatomy. Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is concerned with the appearance of a patient’s teeth and the enhancing of their smile. With so many types of dental cosmetic services available it makes finding a cosmetic dentist that you can trust a priority. They should come with a positive reputation as well as be able to produce before and after photos of their work to show you that you’ll be receiving the results you expect. For cosmetic teeth patients in Simi Valley the offices of Dental Group of Simi Valley have all of the aesthetic dentistry services you have been looking for.

Bonding, Whitening And More

Chipping a tooth used to mean that your tooth would never be the same, maybe your dentist could give you a cap for it but more permanent solutions simply weren’t available. Fortunately that is no longer the case as teeth bonding have made it possible to fix chips with a stronger replacement. At Dental Group of Simi Valley our cosmetic dentists use a composite resin to help better improve the strength and appearance of a chipped tooth. One of the biggest benefits of teeth bonding is that it doesn’t require as much prep work or time to perform as other dental cosmetics can.

We are also the area’s leaders in aesthetic dentistry like whitening, crowns, bridges and other implants with a reputation for quality work in a comfortable, pain-free environment. We know that going to the dentist can be a dreaded thing and no matter your dental cosmetic needs our friendly staff is here to make it easy and convenient.

Find Your Cosmetic Dentist Today

At Dental Group of Simi Valley our cosmetic dentists have the experience and the know how to make sure that your teeth are strong and healthy all while giving you the bright smile you want. If you are in need of teeth bonding or other aesthetic dentistry services and would like to schedule a consultation or appointment with Dental Group of Simi Valley, please call us today. Our friendly staff is always here to assist you however we can.