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Five Causes of Failure of Teeth Whitening Procedures

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Your teeth can naturally get stained and discolored over time from the things you eat and drink. So, many people look to teeth whitening products to help improve their smile. These whitening products promise to provide you with a better smile in just a few minutes, but some of them do not seem to work the way they promise. Some of the reasons why your teeth whitening procedure is not working well includes the common reasons below.

Your Teeth are Not Clean

Whitening products will work the best when the active agent is able to enter the outer enamel and then work to break all the stain molecules. These are the same stain molecules that can make your teeth turn yellow. If your teeth are not clean or they have a lot of plaque buildup on them, this may prevent the active bleaching agent from getting to the stains to remove them.

Before you use any treatment for whitening your teeth, always talk to your dentist. They need to complete a thorough cleaning on the teeth to remove any plaque or biofilm that may get on the surface of the teeth. This ensures that your teeth are not only clean but that the bleaching agent can do its job.

Too Many Dental Restorations

Another problem that many of our clients may have is that they try to do teeth whitening solutions but they have too many dental restorations in place. Dental restorations, including some common options like veneers and crowns, are not going to respond to tooth whitening products. If these restorations happen on the front teeth, then the bleaching products will not do their job.

Whitening agents will not ruin these dental restorations but the color of will not change if you do one of these procedures. If only a few teeth have the restorations and you use a tooth whitening product, the color of your natural teeth will be uneven versus the restorations. To fix this problem, one of our professionals will need to replace the dental restorations to match the new, whiter color of your teeth.

The Wrong Stains on Your Teeth

Your teeth can encounter two types of stains. These include intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains will occur either within or on the surface of the tooth enamel. These stains are caused by what you drink or eat or the stains that happen from tobacco. These are the stains you can remove with tooth-whitening agents.

However, intrinsic stains are found on the inner part of the tooth. They may come from a dental injury, certain medications, and the overuse of fluoride. They can make the tooth look gray. They will not respond to any kind of whitening treatment, no matter which one you try to use.

Your Teeth are Not in Contact with the Whitening Agent

To whiten your teeth properly, the whitening agent must touch all teeth as much as possible. With some of the options out there, such as the whitening strips, it is almost impossible to get the full tooth in contact with the whitening agent. This can make it harder to see the bright effects that you want on your teeth.

The whitening agent needs to remain on your teeth for a specific amount of time or it will not work well. If you have sensitive teeth, stinging pain during or after whitening may be too much, and you may need to remove the agent too early to see desired results.

The Whitening Agent is Not Strong Enough

The concentration of your whitening Teeth Whitening Procedureagent is important when it comes to making your teeth whiter. If you do not get it strong enough, your teeth will not get whiter. If it is too strong, it can ruin your enamel. This is why we always recommend professional tooth whitening for any patient interested in improving their smile through this technique.

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