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Foods That are Harmful For Your Teeth From an Experienced Dentist in Simi Valley

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Keeping healthy teeth for a lifetime can be challenging because of the assortment of foods and drinks found in today’s society which can harm your teeth. Many of us spend a lifetime brushing and flossing to maintain healthy gums and teeth. We are sure to make dental appointments for cleanings and care to maintain a beautiful smile.

As many older people will tell you, keeping healthy teeth as long as possible can provide for a more fulfilling life. One thing we can do to improve our chances of having healthier teeth is to be aware of what foods we eat have an impact on our dental health.

Foods That Are Harmful For Your Teeth


Foods containing sugar are probably the most detrimental to our teeth and the hazard most familiar to us. As a child, you probably heard “candy will rot your teeth,” and it’s true. Sugary candy can be one of the most harmful foods for your dental health.

Don’t forget that candy is not the only food, especially in the American diet, loaded with sugar. Just about every processed and packaged food in today’s world is loaded with sugar content. The next time you are in your kitchen pantry, take a look at the ingredients in pre-packaged food items for sugar content. Don’t be fooled into only thinking candy is the only problem.


Acidic foods can wreak havoc on your teeth over time.  Some foods high in acid content such as tomatoes, allow the acids to slowly wear away at the enamel lining of teeth. Even foods initially not acidic like cucumbers or okra will become a threat once pickled in vinegar. Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruit have the same effects on teeth.

Foods that stain teeth. Other edibles that can take a toll on your teeth are those which are high dark-colored pigments. Dark berries, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and even seasoning like curry, may not remove the enamel from your teeth but tend to cause staining.

Sticky foods

Foods that stick to your teeth also play a role in damaging teeth. We know caramels and chewy gummy candies stick to our teeth, but we also have to consider foods high in carbohydrates as damaging. Bread and potato chips can gum up and stick to teeth. In the latter case, it’s not so much a problem of high sugar content, but the fact these foods remain on your teeth, physically causing damage until removed by brushing or flossing.

Firm and hardened foods

Whether hard candy, shells mixed in with nuts, or popcorn kernels, foods that crunch can cause tooth breakage. Sometimes these types of foods come as a surprise when you bite down and realize a tooth breaks. People who tend to chip or crack teeth should avoid these foods.

Let’s Not Forget Beverages

Although drinks may not be technically thought of as food, we must also talk about how drinking coffee and tea can cause staining over time. If you drink your coffee and tea with sugar, you’re adding to the damage.

Last to mention are the sugary drinks that many people consume every day, such as sodas and sweetened juices. These can also add acid into our mouths. Sports drinks by no means get a pass, as they usually contain a higher level of sugar than even sodas.

Come See Us For a Healthy Smile

Keep a healthy smile as much as possible with regular dental visits. Dentist Checking Dental Issues Be aware of the types of foods that can harm your teeth and keep a well-balanced approach to dental health.

Many of the foods on this list are healthy, and absolutely should be consumed. The good news is there are things you can do to prevent harm to your teeth with many of these foods. Regular brushing and flossing after eating or drinking go a long way toward improving your dental care.

Under our supervision at Dental Group of Simi Valley, in Simi Valley, CA, we can guide you on the best route for dental health. With decades of experience and our desire to treat each patient with dignity and respect, we will make you feel like family and give you the best possible care. Call us so we may help you keep a healthy smile well into life.