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How Long Will a Dental Implant Treatment Take in Simi Valley?

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If you have experienced toothache or tooth loss, you will bear witness that it is one of the most painful experiences. Apart from the physical pains it inflicts, along with headaches and jaw pain, it strips the mouth of its function by making it difficult to chew. People who have experienced this pain always search for an immediate solution to put them out of their misery.

The most profound solution to tooth loss and ache is dental implant treatment. Whenever you seek help for excruciating pain in your tooth, they may advise immediate removal and quick replacement if decay is beyond repair.

As much as everyone would love dental implants to be done in a day, it is not the case. A dental implant procedure lasts for an average of three to six months or even more, depending on the implant’s type, number, and position or whether bone grafting is required.

Before your dental implant, you must educate yourself on the procedure. The procedure usually involves six (6) major steps discussed below.

Step 1: Consult your dentist

Before insisting on a dental implant procedure, you must consult your dentist. The consultation is important because your dentist would investigate other oral conditions that need to be addressed before the dental implant procedure. Also, the dentist will test for your bone density and quality to fully ascertain if you are fit for the procedure.

Step 2: Appointment with your prosthetist

Scheduling an appointment with a prosthetist is an optional step. The only scenario where you will need to schedule an appointment with your prosthetist is if the implant will take a whole arch of your missing teeth.

Step 3: Dental implant placement

To numb most of the pain during your surgery, your dentist will sedate you with anesthesia. Sedation is necessary because some dental implant placement might require bone grafting. However, your surgeon will only do bone grafting if your jawbone is too tender or not thick enough to serve as support for the implant.

Step 4: Dental bone fusing

The dentist will mount the implant on your jawbone. Next, the jawbones fuse firmly to the titanium screw of the implant and imitate the function of the natural tooth root. Medical practitioners refer to this process as osseointegration. This process is lengthy, as it takes 4-6 months to completely integrate the implant into your jawbone.

To not inhibit the fusion. It is advised that you eat tender food that wouldn’t be too hard on your gums. Eating hard food will delay the healing of the bones around your implant and cause you pain.

Step 5: Installment of Abutment

The abutment is like an implant accessory that connects the titanium root to your dental crown. The abutment can be installed during dental bone fusing, or it could be installed 2-3 months after bone fusing. For the abutment to heal properly, you will have to wait for three weeks or even more before you can use your permanent tooth crown.

Step 6: Attachment of crown

The last step is attaching a permanent crown to restore the beauty and functionalities of the missing tooth. However, if your gums have not been properly healed, your dentist will delay the attachment of the crown; thus, extending the period of the procedure. For this reason, you must adhere strictly to all the laid down rules of the dentist by eating only soft food.

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