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How to Make Dental Composite Fillings Last Longer

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Many people get cavities over their lifetime. Good habits and diets can help prevent them, but for some, cavities are inevitable. These dental caries can be pretty painful, but for some, they may not even realize they have cavities if they don’t visit a dentist. Fortunately, the dental industry has multiple solutions for this common issue, such as fillings.

These fixes are not created equal. There are different types of dental fillings that have strengths and weaknesses. Composite fillings are a popular fixture for their cosmetically-appealing nature. Since they blend in with the color of your teeth, they are unnoticeable as opposed to the typical silver-colored fillings. With composites, you cannot tell the difference between your teeth and the filling.

However, composite fillings do not last forever. Some habits and factors can determine how long until you need to have them replaced. See below for some standard ways to keep your fillings in good working order.

How can composite fillings help me?

Composite fillings are a popular choice at the dentist’s office when cavities are found. Cavities need to be filled to fix the tooth to prevent further decay and pain in the nerve. In the past, a prevalent choice was amalgam fillings (silver). These are still used today, but they are visible when your laugh or talk due to the color.

Composite fillings are a cosmetic miracle, since they are the same color as your natural teeth. These fillings remain unseen by the casual observer. If you have cavities in the front of your mouth, composite fillings are game-changing because they preserve your natural looking smile instead of using a silver-colored filler. This procedure can repair other dental problems as well, such as chipped or decaying teething.

What is in composite fillings?

Composite fillings are created by mixing different materials such as glass, plastic, and resin. The soft substance fills the hole that the cavity created. The mixture solidifies in your tooth during the procedure. It is polished off, and then the dentist will add more layers. The duration of this procedure is longer than other types of fillings, due to the layering process.

Long-Lasting Composite Fillings

One pitfall of these types of fillings is their shorter shelf life in comparison to amalgam. People can be tempted to believe their fillings are a permanent fixture, but they usually last approximately five to seven years. The lifespan of composite fillings can vary depending on several factors and good habits. You can implement these today if you want to help your fillings last longer.

  • Daily Hygiene: Keeping your teeth clean and healthy by brushing and flossing can help your fillings stay for the long haul. These habits are the mainstay for having healthy teeth in general and can help prevent future problems.
  • Keep your Teeth Relaxed: Another critical tip is to stop grinding and clenching your teeth. Some people might not even realize they do this. Clenching and grinding teeth can occur out of habit, stress, or even during sleep. Talk with your dentist if you think you are clenching your teeth at night. This act puts pressure on the fillings and can lead to cracks.
  • Tooth-Friendly Food Habits: Now for the real challenge: Keep the ingestion of sugary foods and drinks like candy and soda to a low level. Additionally, watch out for highly-acidic foods like citrus fruits, which can harm composite fillings.
  • Keep Your Dentist Appointments: Visit the dentist regularly to check on the fillings and the rest of your teeth. Even if your fillings are strong and healthy, the last thing you want is new cavities. Dentist appointments can be easy to neglect, but you should regularly attend to help prevent expensive procedures in the future.

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