Brushing Teeth

How Environmentally-Sustainable is Your Toothbrush?

by Herschel Berger January 17, 2021

Brushing your teeth twice a day is a crucial factor in maintaining proper oral health, but there are many options in choosing the tools you use to do so. At …

Man Having Dental Issue

How Can You Reverse Periodontal Disease From Experienced Dentist in Simi Valley

by Herschel Berger January 1, 2021

Poor dental hygiene is a serious matter. Prolonged neglect to dental health can cause severe negative consequences. Other organs in the body can suffer, depending on how extensive the dental …

Tooth Pain

The Primary Reasons Behind Tooth Erosion

by Herschel Berger November 30, 2020

Unlike a normal bone in your body, when a tooth chips or breaks, your body cannot heal it. That’s why it’s so important that you maintain proper oral hygiene to …

Root Canal

Signs that Indicate You Need a Root Canal Treatment

by Herschel Berger November 13, 2020

May people are afraid of the pain of a root canal. However, they can be stressful and painful. Here at Dental Group of Simi Valley, we will make your visit …

Kid Dental Habits

How to Inspire Good Dental Habits in Kids From Experienced Dentist in Simi Valley

by Herschel Berger October 28, 2020

Having a great smile is not the only reason you want your kids to have great dental habits. Early childhood tooth decay or a cavity is more common than diabetes …