Teeth Whitening

A brighter, white smile is a trait that just about everyone wants to have. Through diligent brushing and cleaning most patients are able to have beautiful smiles but whether there are hard to reach places or you simply can’t quite get them as clean as you want, professional teeth whitening is an option. Teeth bleaching is quickly becoming a popular method for patients to make their teeth whiter and get that extra bright smile that they have been trying to get for years. For Simi Valley residents looking for a brighter smile that want to try professional teeth whitening the friendly staff at Dental Group of Simi Valley will help you get the smile you’ve been waiting for.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

At Dental Group of Simi Valley we approach each teeth bleaching on a case by case basis, we don’t believe that something so personal can be one size fits all. Instead, we will work with you to find a plan that suits your needs and more importantly your budget. This way you can focus more on the multitude of benefits that come from professional teeth bleaching like:
  • Longer lasting results than using at-home whitening methods
  • Safe procedure has you in and out in no time
  • Ability to pick the shade of white for your teeth, something at-home treatments don’t allow
  • Stronger treatments are able to reach enamel that at-home kits or a toothbrush simply can’t clean or eliminate
  • Laser teeth whitening gives you even better, more visible results than other options
  • Laser teeth whitening also can help deal with problems such as gum disease or tooth decay
  • With so many benefits it’s easy to see why more and more patients are scheduling appointments with our dentists for professional teeth whitening.

    Call Us Today With Any Questions

    For a complete list of teeth whitening prices and available options please call Dental Group of Simi Valley today. Our friendly staff will help you with everything from finding the best whitening option for you to scheduling an appointment at your earliest convenience. Don’t let other offices with higher teeth whitening costs deter you any longer, call us today and restore the bright smile you deserve.