Dental Ceramic Filling

The Benefits of Ceramic Fillings for Your Teeth

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Dental care is critical for your overall health; actually, many dental-related infections can become more serious and spread to other areas of your body. Preventive care is important, including your ongoing daily dental hygiene practices. However, another critical part of ongoing care is regular dental visits. When you find a dentist practice that you trust, it is important to visit them at least once per year to maintain your dental health. Regular dental appointments can prevent you from encountering serious dental work down the line, can save you tons of money in dental fees and bills, and can prevent the occurrence of cavities, which is one of the most prevalent dental issues to-date.

In the past when patients developed cavities, the most common method of treatment was to fill the tooth with a type of metal that would seize the tooth from becoming infected or further decaying. In recent decades, technology has evolved and allowed us to utilize other materials for fillings that work better and give better results overall. Now, due to most recent research in the dental industry, ceramic fillings are the most current, preferable method of treatment for cavities. Here is a little more information on ceramic fillings and why they are a good option to consider:

Q: Why might you need a filling to begin with?

A: Due to a combination of genetics and dental hygiene practices (sometimes one contributes more so than the other), cavities can form in teeth. When a tooth begins to decay due to damage, usually from sugary foods, it creates small holes in your tooth also known as cavities. When you first notice the symptoms of a cavity (usually isolated, heightened tooth sensitivity) it is critical to go to a experienced dentist immediately—otherwise the issue can worsen, spread to another tooth, or infect the underlying tissue. Fillings are the preferred method of treatment for cavities after a series of x-rays and exams.

Q: What are ceramic fillings?

A: Ceramic, composite, or porcelain fillings are widely-used in the field of dentistry as of most recent years. After your dentist cleans and attends to the bacteria in the cavity, the cavity is then filled and sealed with a ceramic-polymer substance that winds up looking just like your natural tooth. They are cost-effective, efficient, and a great alternative to other options available.

Q: What are the benefits of ceramic fillings over other options?

A: For many years, it was the norm to see metal-filled smiles. Currently, many of the individuals with metal fillings are opting to have their silver swapped out for ceramic fillings for the following reasons:


Ceramic filings are visually appealing and mimic the color and hue of the individual’s natural teeth, contributing to an overall beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Lowest Toxicity

Many older fillings were made of materials including mercury and other harmful, toxic chemicals. Since being conscious of one’s health is what the practice of dentistry is all about, it’s important that the newest innovations in technology contribute to the holistic nature of dental care, including the materials we use to treat cavities.


Did you know that fillings need to be replaced or repaired every so often? Depending on what type of material the cavity is filled with, patients may need to return for an upkeep visit every few years. Ceramic is one of the most durable Dental Health Checkup options when it comes to fillings—they can last up to two decades with proper care.

How We Can Help

The experts at the Dental Group of Simi Valley, CA, have been saving the community’s smiles for over 5 decades, and have the most current, state-of-the-art technology available in dental practice. Using CEREC® dentistry, we provide clients with high-quality ceramic fillings that are durable, reliable, and seamlessly fit into every patient’s smile, and in a single visit, we can have your cavity filled and your smile restored. Our goal is to make our clients feel confident, healthy, and happy when they leave our office. We dedicate our practice to providing the highest-quality results to the individuals and families in the area—this is our home too, and we feel proud to help our community.