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The Best Age to Get Teeth Braces from Experts in Simi Valley?

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When we think of getting braces, many of us picture teenagers smiling with silvery wires in their mouths and brackets cemented to their teeth. However, braces are for anyone of nearly any age, but there are good reasons straightening teeth in the teenage years is a best practice. Let’s take a closer look.

Braces help align and straighten teeth for a more attractive look and optimum oral health. They typically consist of metal brackets that attach to the teeth, with various parts such as wires and elastics used to connect them together.

Although braces can be applied at any age, the recommended time is between the ages of 12-16, as at this stage, enough permanent teeth have emerged and will be adjusted to achieve the best results. Getting braces at this age also helps with maintenance since kids tend to have more consistent hygiene habits than adults. This also allows them to enter their young adult lives with a more favorable smile that is attractive for their professional life as well as personal relationships.

Helping Your Teen Prepare for Braces

Before braces are put onto a teenager’s teeth, they will usually have an initial assessment with their orthodontist. This assessment generally consists of an examination of the individual’s mouth, jaw and teeth in order to determine what kind of braces would be most suitable. They may also need to undergo x-rays, dental impressions or photographs in order to get a full picture of the braces treatment needed.

Each case is different, so the type and cost of braces that can be provided will vary according to the individual’s needs. Orthodontists also discuss possible treatment plan options with their patients before braces are put on so everyone understands what outcomes are possible and achievable.

Do they have to pull teeth?

Whether or not an orthodontist decides to pull teeth is based on various factors such as overcrowding of the mouth and jaw size. It’s all about creating the right amount of space for teeth to align in the most healthy way. An orthodontist may provide alternatives to tooth extraction if it is deemed unnecessary for braces treatment.

Ultimately, braces are designed to straighten teeth and improve dental function. Decisions about tooth extraction should only be made after thorough assessment from a professional in order to obtain the best possible outcome for the patient.

The First Day of Braces

When a patient visits an orthodontist for braces, the process looks a bit different depending on the type of braces being put in place. Generally, the braces will start with brackets and bands being affixed to the teeth by an adhesive.

Once all of the braces have been put in place, the orthodontist will start connecting them together with an archwire. This archwire is customized to fit the patient’s mouth so that it can be tightened over time to shift their teeth into position.

Finally, dental wax may be applied if any of the braces are rubbing against the inside of the mouth. After this process is complete, regular checkups and adjustments will take place over time until once again, your smile is looking perfect!

How long will it take for braces to straighten a teenager’s teeth?

On average, braces take anywhere between 12 to 18 months to properly adjust a teenager’s teeth into the desired position. The timeline will vary depending on the severity of the malocclusions and the complexity of the necessary treatments.

Clients should be patient, as braces work best when given time to make adjustments and corrections incrementally rather than trying to rush through results. It is important to follow your orthodontist’s instructions precisely in order to get the most out of braces.

Keeping up with regular appointments is essential, since braces must be tightened periodically in order for them to remain effective. Even though braces can take awhile, it’s an investment worth making in order to achieve the beautiful smile that comes after braces are removed!

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