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The Importance of General Dental Visits and Cleanings

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Our oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of our health. Connections have been made between gum disease or bacterial buildup in the mouth with conditions like heart disease and diabetes, making the mouth an important area of the body to keep an eye on. Just as you would go to the doctor regularly for routine checkups, it’s also critical to go to the dentist for general visits and cleanings.

Dental hygiene is important for individuals of all ages, which makes the practice of dentistry a family-oriented medicine. Depending on where you or your children are developmentally, different approaches must be taken to ensure that you and your family’s dental health is taken care of. In this article, we’ll talk about why general dental visits and cleanings are so important for you and your family.

What a General Visit Usually Entails

Dental visits differ depending on your ongoing health needs and developmental stage. Most dental visits include x-rays or other mappings of the structure of the mouth and teeth, deep cleanings, and visual observations of tooth and gum health. Your dentist may recommend procedures that will help keep your teeth and gums in the best health possible, such as fillings, root-canals, veneers, or alignment procedures.

Family Dentistry

The practice of family dentistry must take into account the different life stages that we go through developmentally speaking. For instance, younger children still have their baby teeth, which is a huge consideration when it comes to types of dental procedures to employ, such as using permanent fillings to treat cavities, or choosing the right alignment procedure such as braces. A good family dentist will know how to incorporate this information into recommended procedures and ongoing health practices.

What Ongoing Visits and Cleanings Can Do For Your Health

There are many benefits to routine dental visits, and the biggest advantage is peace of mind. Since we know that dental hygiene is correlated with serious health conditions, taking care of your teeth is one way to keep your body healthy and monitor health issues. Here are a few other advantages to ongoing dental visits:

Keep your children healthy as they grow

As children grow and develop, their teeth and mouth structure changes significantly. This can lead to an increased desire for alignment procedures such as braces, but it also brings up other areas of concern, such as monitoring brushing techniques as your children get older.

Spot any signs of failing health

If your dentist notices any excessive bacterial buildup or gum diseases, then they might suggest that you have a physical performed with your general practitioner to ensure that you are in good health otherwise. Our mouths can tell us a lot about our general health, and can lead to diagnoses and preventive treatments.

Prevent cavities and tooth decay

General dental visits and cleanings are critical in order to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Each time you get a teeth cleaning, you’re removing plaque and bacterial buildup. Your dentist can also assess your tooth-brushing techniques and give you other suggestions on how to optimize your oral hygiene.

Assess ongoing issues like TMJ

Conditions like TMJ seem to worsen as our lives get busier and more stressful. While your dentist can’t make your life more peaceful, they can certainly help you find solutions to the effects of TMJ like teeth-grinding. Your dentist can help fit you for a mouth guard to protect your teeth against night grinding, and monitor the condition and its effects over time to prevent permanent damage.

How We Can Help You

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