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What are the Benefits of Deep Teeth Cleaning?

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Deep teeth cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, is an important dental procedure used to treat gum disease. The deep cleansing process involves removing plaque and tartar from deep within the gum line that cannot be removed during a regular teeth cleaning. This deep cleaning helps to reduce bacteria levels in the mouth and prevent further infection from developing.

In addition to removing tartar and plaque, deep cleaning will also smooth out rough spots on the tooth surface where bacteria can hide and form new tartar deposits. As a result, deep cleaning helps to reduce inflammation in the gums, promoting better overall oral health.

For people with moderate to advanced stages of gum disease, deep cleaning may be necessary for restoring healthy tissue. In addition, deep cleaning can be recommended for those with an increased susceptibility to gum disease or needing periodontal maintenance after treatment. Ultimately, deep teeth cleaning is a quick and pain-free procedure that can help protect your overall oral health.

How does deep teeth cleaning differ from regular teeth cleaning?

Deep teeth cleaning is a dental procedure that goes beyond the standard teeth cleaning and offers many benefits. During deep teeth cleaning, your dentist will use special instruments to remove stubborn plaque build-up deep below the gum line. They may take X-rays or other imaging techniques to assess any deep areas of bacteria accumulation.

After deep cleaning, they’ll polish your teeth and apply a fluoride solution to prevent further decay. Unlike regular teeth cleanings, deep cleanings require more detailed attention which means that dental visits may need to extend beyond their usual 45 minutes. However, deep cleaning can drastically improve your oral health, preventing severe conditions such as tooth loss or bone degradation in the long run.

Investing in deep teeth cleanings ahead of time is a great way to keep your smile healthy and looking its best!

Who should get a deep teeth cleaning, and how often should they have it done?

Everyone has different dental needs, but deep teeth cleaning is an important component of oral health for many people. It’s a good option if you’re overdue on regular cleanings or haven’t been able to keep up with your usual brushing and flossing routine.

Depending on your history and current oral health status, deep teeth cleaning may be recommended every three to twelve months, sometimes more frequently if needed. In general, the earlier you can start taking precautions like deep cleaning, the better your chance of avoiding or limiting gum disease or other severe dental issues in the future. A deep cleaning will ensure that all debris is removed from your mouth and that any damage from plaque or tartar is minimized so you can maintain optimal oral health over time.

What are the risks associated with getting a deep teeth cleaning?

A deep teeth cleaning procedure is a treatment that goes beyond the standard dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from deep areas of the mouth, reducing the risk of oral health issues. While deep cleaning can be beneficial for your oral health, it does come with some risks.

The most common side effect is soreness and irritation in the gums due to scraping and deep cleaning. However, these symptoms usually resolve within a few days without additional treatment. It’s also important to note that deep teeth cleaning may cause temporarily increased sensitivity in more difficult-to-reach areas.

To minimize any associated risks, be sure to brush and floss regularly between cleanings and visit your dentist as recommended. Additionally, discuss any medications you’re taking with your doctor; certain drugs like aspirin can make the gums more sensitive to these procedures. With proper care and communication between you and your dentist, deep teeth cleanings are a much safer option than leaving plaque and tartar untreated.

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A deep teeth cleaning is a necessary dental Deep Teeth Cleaning procedure for some people to maintain optimal oral health. It is important to know the difference between a regular teeth cleaning and a deep teeth cleaning, as well as the risks and benefits associated with each. If you think you may need a deep teeth cleaning, call Dental Group of Simi Valley, CA, as we will answer any questions you have!