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Why You Should Consider Dental Implants from the Expert Dentist in Simi Valley

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Dental problems are likely to happen to each of us at a given time in our lives. While taking proper care of your teeth can help reduce the chances of this happening, it’s not always the case. For some people, dental problems can occur earlier on while they are still young. Other people only experience dental problems when they are much older. Fortunately, dental implants are now a readily-available solution to tooth extractions.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are metal posts, often made of titanium, that are used to replace the roots in missing teeth. When your tooth develops problems either from decay or other periodontal diseases, you are likely to be in a lot of pain. This is because most dental diseases usually chip away at the enamel of the tooth leaving the nerve endings in the root of your tooth exposed.

When the nerves in the root of your tooth are left exposed, you begin to experience unimaginable pain. This pain gets worse when you take hot or cold beverages and food. Dental pain can cause you so much discomfort if left too long, it can necessitate an extraction. Extractions are usually a last resort for most dentists when the tooth is far too damaged for other dental procedures to work.

Aside from dental pain from diseases, you may also need dental implants as a result of accidents or injuries. Losing teeth can affect your life in many ways, from the way you chew, how you speak, or the ease of your smile. The changes from losing teeth can also have psychological effects on you, affecting your self-esteem.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a convenient alternative to dentures that were previously used to replace missing teeth. Dentures can be a lot of work, especially since you need to remove them when you go to sleep and cleanse them daily. Dental implants need no such treatment. You no longer have to be embarrassed about having to take off your smile at the end of the day.

With dental implants, you do not have to stress over getting adhesives that are used to hold dentures in place. The thought of having adhesives in your mouth doesn’t sit well with many people. Dental implants become a part of your teeth and gums.

Dental implants also make it easier for you to chew and enjoy your food. People who have dentures sometimes worry about them shifting while they chew. Because dental implants work like your own teeth, you may not even feel the difference as you chew your food. This means you can now comfortably chew your food and enjoy all types of food that you would have hesitated to eat with dentures.

In addition, dental implants are made of titanium which makes them durable. The durability of dental implants means that you may not have to keep replacing them. With the proper care like you would do with your normal teeth, you can keep your dental implants for as long as a lifetime. Of course you’d still need to schedule regular dental checkups with your dentist to ensure proper teeth and gum health.

Dental implants can also improve your self-esteem. You can now get back your dazzling smile even after you lose a tooth or teeth. The first instinct for many people when they lose a tooth or teeth is usually to smile less. There’s nothing wrong with being conscious of how your smile has changed because of the loss of teeth. There’s however no reason why you shouldn’t have your smile back, and dental implants have made this confidence possible again.

Where to get your Dental Implants

Dental implants are available for those in Happy Man After Dental Implant need in most dental facilities today. The Dental Group of Simi Valley is a leading dental health practitioner who provides dental services to people residing in and around Simi Valley, CA. Our team of qualified dentists are available to help you manage your dental health and bring back your healthy smile. We will provide you with exceptional dental care and ensure that you are pain-free and confident your teeth, gums, and smile once more.