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Wisdom Teeth: Should You Have Them Taken Out by the Experts in Simi Valley?

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There is a lot of debate in the dental community over whether people must take their wisdom teeth out or not. Some say that it is best just to have them taken out to avoid further trouble down the line, while others insist that as long as the wisdom teeth are growing in straight in relation to the rest of your teeth, there is no need to have them pulled. Everyone is different in this regard.

Many have their wisdom teeth removed during their teenage years, as they grow further out from the gums. This is usually regarded as the best time to get your wisdom teeth extracted. The longer you wait, the deeper the roots will grow into the gums, making extraction more difficult as time passes. But do you need to get them taken out at all? In this case, it is best to consult with the experts.

So What’s The Deal With Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the molars that grow in the back of the gumline, behind all of the other teeth. They grow in at a slower pace than the rest of the teeth, and are referred to as “wisdom teeth” because they appear in a person’s mouth at a later, more mature age. This delayed growth is part of what leads to problems for many people as their wisdom teeth start to break the gumline. The other teeth are already fully grown into the mouth, and the wisdom teeth can push on them if they are coming in even slightly crooked.

Because so many have had trouble with their wisdom teeth over time, it has become common practice to simply remove them during one’s teenage years. However, not every case requires the removal of wisdom teeth. In some people, wisdom teeth end up growing in straight, perfectly aligned with the other teeth. Even though this may be the case, some dentists recommend taking them out anyway if the procedure is covered by insurance in order to prevent further problems later in life. Wisdom tooth extraction in adult years tends to be much more painful and requires a few days of recovery afterward.

Potential Problems Stemming From Wisdom Teeth

The most common problem concerning the growth of wisdom teeth is tooth impaction. This happens when the jaw is not big enough to allow for the wisdom teeth to break through the gumline. They will then become stuck underneath the gumline and begin to crowd the adjacent teeth, causing pain and infection. Cysts can develop around an impacted tooth, which will lead to problems with the other teeth in your mouth.

Even if your wisdom teeth grow in properly, they may still need to be removed if they develop cavities. Instead of filling a cavity in a useless tooth all the way in the back of the mouth, most dentists will simply advise to have it removed to prevent further problems from developing. So, if your wisdom teeth are coming in and they are starting to cause you pain and suffering, it is time to research the best dentists in your area to have them examined.

Finding a Reliable Dentist Near Simi Valley

Finding a good dentist is often one of the most stressful things for someone going through dental problems. Many dentists cut corners and don’t do Wisdom Teeth Removal a complete job, leading to the patient emptying their pockets for procedures that don’t go well. Others recommend that their patients undergo procedures that they don’t even need in order to make some quick money off of unsuspecting people that just want their dental trauma to come to an end.

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